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Southpoint Australia Privacy Policy

Internet Privacy policy

Southpoint Australia is committed to following best practices in protecting your personal privacy. The following statement outlines clearly how we collect, use and protect the personal information that you provide to us.


All transactions are secured using 128 Bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption

Collection of information

Southpoint Australia will only use personal information for the primary purpose for which it is collected. You will be informed of the purpose for which the information is being collected. These purposes may relate to the spiritual, pastoral, social education and administrative functions of Southpoint Australia to enable the provision of services and activities provided by Southpoint Australia. Information on you will not be disclosed to any person or organisation outside Southpoint Australia without your permission, unless required by law. All information is handled according to the National Privacy Principles.

Refund Policy

If for any reason you seek a refund of your payment or donation(s), please contact us within 7 days of receipt by phone on 02 8719 2600 between 9am and 5pm weekdays. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected], or send written queries to Southpoint Australia, PO Box 3700 Rhodes NSW 2138. Please note, after 7 days of receipt of any donation, no refund is available.

Transaction currency

All pricing and transactions are stated in Australian dollars (AUD).

Ensuring data security

All personal information is held under secure conditions with access restricted to those individuals who need it to carry out their work under Southpoint Australia's programs.

Access to information and correction of information

It is Southpoint Australia's policy to give individuals access to their data on request, so that they may review and correct details. We reserve the right to take reasonable steps to ensure that the person seeking access is in fact the individual to whom the data relates; or is otherwise entitled to access the data. If access is refused or restricted, we will explain this decision.

Use of identifiers

In dealing with government agencies, Southpoint Australia is often obliged to collect and use identifying numbers issued by those agencies. However, this is done according to law or regulation as required by each agency.

Information on Community Service Clients

Personal information, often including sensitive information, is collected from clients so that we can help them according to the objectives of the service.

Personal information collected from our Community Service clients often includes health and other sensitive information. This information is collected with the consent of the client or guardian. If the client needs to be referred to another organisation, then we will only pass on information with the client's consent.

Maintaining Financial Records

Southpoint Australia maintains a database of suppliers, customers and other contacts with which it engages in financial transactions. The computerised financial system operated by Southpoint Australia accesses this database in order to process financial transactions.

The information held in the database for each contact consists of the contact's name, address, telephone numbers and one or more identifiers necessary for effective financial processing.

Discussing or Accessing Your Information

You may wish to discuss, or obtain access to your personal information as held by Southpoint Australia, or which you believe may be held by Southpoint Australia.

If you have regular contact as a participant in one of Southpoint Australia's programs with a particular staff member, we suggest you contact that staff member in the first instance.

If you don't have a regular contact, you could get in touch with the department in your area that you understand may be handling your information. Alternatively, you can send an email to
[email protected], or send written queries to Southpoint Australia, PO Box 3700 Rhodes NSW 2138.

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